Web System Tactical Vest MOLLE in Tan or Black

$ 49.99


  • Web System Tactical Vest
  • Features most versatile web straps which allow for the attachment of most functional MOLLE Web Accessories - modular web pockets/pouches and gear
  • Check TG3xx Series MOLLE Web Accessories
  • Heavy duty zipper and quick-release buckles to insure secure fit
  • 10 web straps on the front, 7 on the back and 5 on the sides for full customization
  • 1 nylon mesh map pocket - 14"X17" and 2 nylon mesh internal map pockets - 14"X11" for storage of document, map and other survival items
  • Back mesh pocket can be used for hydration bladder compartment
  • Heavy duty rescue drag handle
  • Front and back Velcro system for ID patches
  • Snap and Velcro belt loops for utility belt attachment (utility belt not included)
  • Check TG402/TG403 to select utility belt
  • Adjustable straps and padded shoulders for most accommodating width and height adjustment
  • Flexible size, one size fits most
  • Material:
  • Weight: 2.17 lbs/pcs (0.98 kg/pcs)