NEW Snowshoes Genuine Issue Military Army Magnesium White Snow Shoe w/ Bindings

$ 54.99

U.S. Military Surplus Magnesium Snowshoes with Bindings Lightweight, tough magnesium frames, along with rigid bindings. High lateral stability, too. Just the decking to get you across snowy terrain on tactical expeditions, special ops and surgical patrols! Nylon-coated aircraft steel cable lines for support and stability. Cleats on bottom aid with traction on slippery terrain. One size fits most with the  Included binding system that fits a wide range of winter boot styles / sizes.

Bonus: in an emergency survival situation, you could scrape the back ends for magnesium shavings to start a fire! Each is 12 x 47"l. Set weighs 5 lbs., 5 ozs.

Alaska customers please expect to pay an additional shipping charge of $10 to $20. The bindings are new in the package and will require assembly. There are instructions included, but you can also find video's on you tube