M17 Gas Mask

$ 59.99

M17 Field Protective Mask Description

The M17 Field Protective Mask is designed to give protection against respiratory war gases, germ-warfare agents, and airborne radioactive fallout particles. The protection is provided by the pads of filter material (M13A2 filter elements) enclosed within "pork chop" cavities molded into the rubber facepiece of the mask. In the M13A2 filter elements, the adsorbent, known as ASC Whetlerite charcoal, is charcoal impregnated with copper oxide and salts of silver and chromium. The filter element also includes a laminated particulate filter layer to remove particles and aerosols greater than 3 µm in diameter.

The blended natural rubber faceblank of the M17A2 Chemical–Biological Field Mask protects the wearer’s face, eyes, and respiratory tract, while the attached M6A2 hood protects the M17A2 mask as well as exposed portions of the head and neck. When used together, the M17A2 facepiece and the M6A2 hood resist liquid chemical and biological agents.

The M17 gas mask can be used in any climatic condition, but the M4 winterization kit is required for temperatures of –20°F or below. The forehead straps, temple straps, and cheek straps come together at a head pad for ease of fitting. The M17A2 mask is manufactured in four sizes to accommodate all personnel: extra small, small, medium, and large. For personnel requiring vision correction, optical inserts are provided. The optical inserts are both prong type and wire frame types. The wire frame type is easier to mount inside the mask. The M17 mask is compatible with shoulder-fired weapons, night-vision devices, and sighting devices. A variety of accessory items is available, including the M1 waterproof bag, the M4 winterization kit, the M6A2 hood, the M15A1 carrier, and optical inserts and outserts.