BAE Systems 200 Round Ammo MOLLE, Handcuff, .223 and other Pouches

$ 49.99

All Pouches are New!

General Features:

200 Round Saw Pouch

100% U.S. Made, Berry Compliant

• Holds one 200 round SAW drum or up to (7) 30 round 5.56x45 USGI magazines.
• Rigid sides keep form while empty for use as a dump pouch or easy replacement for SAW drum.
• Hook and loop flap with 1" Fastex buckle closure.
• PALS/MOLLE attachment.
• Drainage grommet.
• 500D Cordura construction.

Dimensions: 7.5"H x 6.5"W x 2.5"D
Weight: 7.4 ozs

Handcuff Pouch
•Modular attachment points on rear, compatible with all U.S. Military MOLLE components
•Pouch holds pair of Handcuff for secure stowage
•Secures by hook and loop flap with heavy duty Velcro
•Quick pull tab for ease of open/closing
•Attaches to modular webbing by (2) strap on back of pouch, securing with (2) heavy duty snaps
•Overall size approx: 5.5L x 4.3W x 1H
•Weight: 0.155 lbs

Frag Gren*de Pouch

Main compartment size: 3"x2"x4"

.223 Magazine Pouch

MOLLE/PALS Compatible• Stress-Point Reinforced Stitching
• Cordura Fabric
•Holds two 30 Round Magazines

Airforce issue ABU 40mm grenade pouch

Brand new, Air Force issue ABU pattern 40mm grenade pouch. Has two buckles that open to reveal 3 snap closures for individual 40mm grenades. Will also fit double stack 45 acp magazines like glock 21 and para ordnance. Molle/palls backing

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